Our Quality

Why Our Buildings Are Best-in-Class

Excellence is Never an Accident

Our desire at EZ is to provide the most durable, handcrafted buildings in the industry… at a price people can afford.
We don’t cut corners or build low quality products just to increase profits.
We believe in building value, trust, and relationships that last a lifetime.

Flawless Rap Music Video

That’s why we #FLAWLESS.

We love educating our customers on the quality and care that goes into each handmade structure we stand behind. This is what sets us apart from the rest:

Superior Flooring

Our High Pressure Treated 2×6 Floor Joists make our floors 35% stronger than our competitors who only use 2×4 joists. They’re also treated against termites, mold, and mildew for ground contact. Our 5/8 Tongue and Groove Flooring is treated with LP Treated ProStruct and Smart Guard to keep your building dry inside and protect it against fungal decay and termite damage. Plus, all our flooring is Eco-friendly, with no harmful chemicals used to treat the wood. If that weren’t enough, all our flooring comes with a 10 year product warranty from LP.

Sturdier Walls

All of our wood is handpicked and carefully graded to ensure that you get a superior product. We use 2×4 studs with a double stud every 4 feet. All wall studs, as well as floor joists are nailed 16″ apart for maximum durability (built just like your home). This simple detail allows us to build a structure that’s more sturdy and durable than all of our competitors who spread their joists and studs 24” apart.

Safest Roof System

We have constructed a Truss System complete with Double Top Plate and Hurricane Ties for strength that can withstand 150mph winds. In addition, all of our buildings come standard with Gable Vents and Ridge Vent to provide optimal ventilation. To top it off, we offer a 40 year warranty #1 Metal Roofing vs. our competitors who only offer a 10 year warranty #2.

Long-Lasting Exterior Finishes

Our Painted LP Smart Panel Siding is treated with Smart Guard and painted with a Sherwin Williams color of your choice and comes standard with a 50 Year Warranty.

FREE Setup & Delivery

We are proud to offer FREE setup and delivery within 50 miles of any dealer location. Find a dealer near you! All buildings are set where you want them, using High Pressure Treated 4×6 Notched Runners for ground contact and Concrete Blocks to protect from moisture (our competitors use wood only).

An Unmatched 5 Year Warranty

We are proud to stand behind our product with the one and only 5 Year Warranty in the industry. Plus, every single one of our buildings must pass a rigorous 10-point inspection.