Bigfoot Cabin – 16×44 Cottage Shed Tiny Home

Our customer purchased this building as an empty shell and fully finished it out themselves turning it into a true “Shed to House” conversion. They wanted to create a large, open, outdoor space to take in all of the views on the 500 acre property so a massive custom built awning was added off the front door, and lots of concrete was poured around the front and back of the home. On the inside, it has a one bedroom, one and a half bathroom with an open concept kitchen/living space. A full size kitchen was a priority in the design and was pulled off beautifully with full size appliances, gray cabinets, and stone backsplash. For now, The Bigfoot Cabin is a weekend getaway but will soon be the full time residence while a larger main house is built on the property.

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Tod Welsh – Cottage Shed Man Cave

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16×40 Side Garden Shed DIY Tiny Home – An EZPB Story

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